The silviculture team focuses on the sustainable management of forest-wood resources. Our aim is to redesign the wood production and value-added system to keep pace with global changes and society's expectations, with a view to both adaptation and mitigation, and to ensure the system's long-term sustainability. The research carried out aims to (1) understand, model and evaluate the growth of trees and managed stands: adaptation to CC and mitigation; (2) design innovative silvicultures; (3) characterize wood properties and qualities and (4) integrate knowledge to analyze the wood production and value system.

The data required is acquired through short- or very long-term forest experiments (>100 years), inventories and observatories, surveys, or through simulation work. Simulation and modeling work covers the design, calibration, validation, analysis and implementation of models describing forest-wood resources.

We implement a co-construction approach with industry practitioners, at all stages of system redesign, based on collaborative networks bringing together all players concerned by the issues addressed.

The team hosts two contractual missions: the GIS Coop technical unit and the RENFOR cluster.

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