Tree growth and environment in the context of global changes. Plant ecology applied to forest management


Department SIAFEE, AgroParisTech
UMR SILVA, team EcoSilva
AgroParisTech, 14, rue Girardet, 54000 Nancy, France.
(+33) (0)3-83-39-68-46


Associate Professor at AgroParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environment Science)

I conduct research and teaching activities at AgroParisTech in the Silva Lab, a joint research unit between INRAE, AgroParisTech and the Lorraine University.

Research interests: Forest Ecology and global change; tree growth; tree distribution; bio-indication of plant species; soil factors; ecological modelling; semi natural temperate forests.  

Research Topics

I carry out research on spatial and temporal growth changes in tree species to better understand tree growth and distribution changes in the context of climatic change. I have conducted this line of investigation in the semi-natural forests of Europe, South America and, in the recent years, in Eastern America.

I am also interested in developing new tools for the forest management decision-making process, in the context of global change; for example, I developed a soil-factor mapping methodologies based on plant species bio-indication at the forest level. Precise soil property mapping allows one to apply correlative growth and distribution models, at the forest level. This in order to optimize the choice of tree species to promote under present and future climatic scenarios.


My teaching activities mainly deal with Forest Dendrometry and Forest ecology applied to forest management for both Engineering and MSc students at AgroParisTech and Lorraine University.

Since 2018, I have been the head, for AgroParisTech, of the international path ‘Forests and their Environements’ (FEN) of the MSc AETPF, supported by the Lorraine University and AgroParisTech.

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