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Research Scientist-INRAE

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UMR Silva
Wood-stock team
Centre INRAE Grand Est -Nancy
F54280 CHAMPENOUX (France)
+33 (0)3 83 39 73 14


Scientific interest:

   ►Research Topic

  • Ecological determinism of wood functions and properties.
    Research of structural determinants at different scales (from cell wall level to heterogeneous tissue level) of observed co-variations between macroscopic properties, physical and biomechanical, of wood viewed as a functional tissue in a living tree and industrial material. Development of simple and explanatory physical models able to interact with models issued from ecology, physiology and dendrometry. Experimental evaluation of mechanical properties at macroscale (for the moment) and tissue level (to come).
  • Plasticity of ontogenetic variations of wood mechanical properties
    Functional and adaptative approach of wood biomechanical properties and their relation to ecology and sylvicultural treatments.
    Integrative approach : including structural effects in the evaluation of biomechanical performances at the whole tree level.
    Measuring of mechanical properties (modulus of elasticity, strain at break) of diverse wood tissues on small macroscopic wood samples in green state.

Projects :

WADE « Wood Acclimation to Disturbed Environments »

Recent publications:

- Dlouha, J., Suryanegara, L., Yano, H. (2014). Cellulose nanofibre–poly(lactic acid) microcellular foams exhibiting high tensile toughness. Reactive & Functional Polymers.
- Badel, E., Fournier, M., Moulia, B., Bonnesoeur, V., Constant, T., Ningre, F., Ruelle, J., Dlouha, J., Decourteix, M., Fournier-Leblanc, N., Julien, JL., Olivar, J. (2013). Responses of cambial growth and wood properties to winds.
- Fajriani, E., Ruelle, J., Dlouha, J., Fournier, M., Hadi, YS., Darmawan, W. (2013). Radial variation of wood properties of Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria) and Jabon (Anthocephalus cadamba). Journal of the Indian Academy of Wood Science. Vol. 10. 110-117.
- Fournier M., Dlouhá J., Jaouen G. & Almeras T. (2013). Integrative biomechanics for tree ecology: beyond wood density and strength. Journal of Experimental Botany. Vol. 64. 4793-4815.
Dlouhá, J., Yano, H. (2012). Role of cellulose nanofibres in the supercritical foaming of polylactic acid and their effect on the foam morphology. Soft Matter. vol. 8 (33). p. 8704-8713
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